Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cleaning the Grill....HA!

It started out harmless enough, Chris was just going to clean the grill for my Mother's Day steak dinner. Well, you can see he is NOT spraying the grill, haha!

 Loving the water slide!
 Yes, my children drink from the water hose. :)

 This is how her pants stayed once she got wet! Every time we told her to pull them up, she would, but couldn't get them over her booty!!

 Time to spray Daddy! They didn't have as much success in getting him wet as he did in getting them!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

One LONG Day

I know the past several posts have been lacking pictures, well this one will make up for it :)
This past Saturday, the company Chris works for had a family picnic. They do this every year for the employees and their families. They serve lunch, have bounce houses for the kids, different competitions through out the day, and door prizes. Like serious door prizes. This year, they gave away a flat screen TV, a grill, iPad, kindle, ummm...a digital camera I think. We have gone the past two years and are 0-2. Oh, well.
Anyway, Helen and Aubree stayed at Chris's parents Friday night and we heard there was a community yard sale at one of the nicer neighborhoods in town so we decided to get up early and go. We had to be back by 10:30 to get the girls from Chris's parents, so we only had a couple of hours. We got there and it was CRAZY!!! I think everyone in Valdosta was there! The traffic was awful in the nieghborhood! We spent a good amount of our time in traffic inside the neighborhood. But we found some good stuff for pretty cheap. Every time we would stop and start to get out, Allisyn would say "Me? Me get out?" Every. Time. Haha!
Here is our little diva!
 The place they rent out to have the picnic is beautiful. They have two of these swings, which, of course the girls loved!
 Still rockin the sunglasses!

 She is so funny! She has been standing like this a lot lately. She even had her hand on her hip while she was eating breakfast this morning!
 She turned around just at the right moment. See how pretty the pond is?
 Chris and his partner won the water balloon throwing contest (like the egg throwing contest). And Helen waited patiently for her turn to play.
 Finally getting to play...
 Guess who got wet! She's holding her dress out to dry :)
 Helen wanted to fish so bad last year, but we don't fish. One of the guys was nice enough to let them use his rod for a few minutes.

 She looks mad. This is after lunch and no nap. She slept for about 30 minutes in the car after we left the yard sale and that was it for the day.
 This is the best of the three I got all day.
 Allisyn was hogging the other swing so they shared :)

 Yes, they touched that nasty thing! They were so intrigued by it. Then I brought them straight in to wash their hands, haha.
 Not too sure about the side.
We left the picnic about 3:30 I think. It was too late for the girls to take a nap so Chris had the great idea to go swimming. Had we gone home, we would have fought to keep them wake until a decent bedtime and there would have been lots of fussing and whining. Aubree and Allisyn slept the 10 minutes it took to get home. It worked out perfectly. We went to the pool for awhile, then went home, gave them showers, ate supper, and by that time, it was 6:30 and it didn't take them long to knock out!
When Aubree saw this picture, she asked why Allisyn was making that face. Haha! I told her that was not Allisyn and she thought that was the funniest thing!
 You can see how tired she is!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What REALLY Goes On At Helen's Ball Games!

First off, these pictures are horrible. I need a new camera!! Secondly, you have to remember these are 5, 6, & 7 year olds. They get distracted very easily! Having said that, Helen has improved so much during this seaon! The last two games, she has not had to use the tee at all! (It's non-competitive so they get 6 pitches, then they can hit off the tee for #7.) All the other games, she has had to hit off the tee at least once.
Here she is getting a hit.
Standing on first base.
 On the way to second.
 This is where the distractions begin for all of them - fielding - espically the outfield, haha.
 Caught her talking to the third baseman.
 This is where you can start laughing. She saw I had the camera pointed at her so she started posing...only my child!
 She was striking many different poses...
 ...really putting on a show, haha!! She had us all laughing!
 My crazy Helen!!