Tuesday, July 24, 2012

End of Ball Season Party

For their end of the year party, we went to the lake. Everybody had so much fun - the kids had a blast!!
Helen's first ever trophy!
 The team
 She went under!

 So proud of the dead fish she caught! Haha!
 Helen and her good friend Anna.
 Excited to go out on the boat!
 Helen and Karsyn on the tube behind the boat....
 Jason went, the front dipped under, they were done!! Helen would not get on a tube behind either boat the rest of the day! She rode the boats all day long, but wouldn't get behind one for anything.
 Sweet sisters :)
 If you know Aubree, you know she doesn't like loud noises. Needless to say, she didn't like the boat ride too much.

 Chris and Allisyn
 She was wiped out!!

Fun Ball Pictures

I am WAY behind on these posts so I am going to be playing catch up for awhile!! To  start it off, here are some pictures from the end of Helen's first year of ball.
Allisyn ready to play!

 Aubree and Allisyn with Chris's parents.
 Seth, Braylon, Katie, Helen, Jake, Reagan & Ellie, lining up, haha!
 The Royals
 Praying after the game.
 Rolling down the hill.

Helen had fun this year, but she says she will sit out next year and watch Aubree play. We shall see!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I started to write this on the last post, but then it started getting kinda long, so I decded to put it on it's own!
Helen did so well in school this year, but we knew she would. This was actually her third year of school. She went to the three and the four year old program at Georgia Christian School and she did very well there as well. It was just very different this year. The ONLY reason she went through the three year old program was because every time we passed the school, she would ask "There's my school! When can I go to school?" (This being when she was 2 years old!) The school is right acrss the street from our church, so we passed it quite often! We knew the teacher Ms. Lori - she is awesome as well. She went from 8:00 - 12:00 every day. She did great - never once cried when we dropped her off or anything like that. But her very first day she went, I made up my mind that none of my other kids would be going to K3. I missed her like crazy! She was ready, but I definetly wasn't. And Aubree never showed the desire until the end of this year to go to school. In fact, when Helen started this year, Aubree woke up one night saying she had a bad dream. We asked what it was and she said she had to get on the school bus and go to school. We were kinda worried! But now she is excited to go to preschool in the fall at the same school as Helen.
But like I said, this year was very different. Georgia Christian is a private christian school, Lake Park is public. We live on the GCS property, so when I thought about her being at school, I would think "Oh, she's just right there." Then remind myself, no she isn't. And she rides the bus, which she loves! For awhile if you asked her what her favorite thing about school was, she would say the bus! Of course at GCS, we know the teachers and we know their beliefs and all that so that was a change too. GCS is a K-12 school with about 250 students, so there is pretty much one class per grade. Helen has good friends she goes to church with and went through two years of school with. I do miss that - knowing the students and their parents.And of course they don't have chapel at Lake Park. But Lake Park is one of the best elementary schools in Georgia and we love it!
We have been very blessed with her teachers so far, hopefully that blessing will continue and with the other girls as well!

End of Kindergarten...Sniff, Sniff!

Here is the end of kindergarten. This year went way too fast!
Helen got to have a pretend birthday party at school since her birthday is not during the school year. So I made cupcakes and brought them up for her to share with her class.
Her awesome teacher, Ms. Corbett
The next day was water day for kindergarten. While I was getting ready to go, Aubree and Allisyn were eating lunch. This is what I came out to. They took their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and rubbed them all over their faces! I was pretty mad. I was running late already and now they made a huge mess to clean up and it required a change of clothes. They were so happy with themselvesthough, I wasn't mad for long and of course, ran to get my camera.
Look at these little buggers - so pleased with themselves!
Eventually I made it and surprised Helen (I told her I didn't know if I was going to be able to go). They had different stations set up for different classes. This one had 7 or 8 pool.
The next was the hose from the fire truck.
 A station with shaving cream which she LOVED! She was the last one there! The others moved on to the bubbles.
 Helen and her "boyfriend" Ben and another boy from her class.
 Her pal from Georgia Christian, Maggie Jo
 Can you see the hand holding going on here?!!? I asked her why it was behind her back and she said so no one would see!
 The three girls who fought over him all day!
 Helen and her awesome teacher, Ms. Corbett. She adores Helen and we love Ms. Corbett! I hope the rest of my girls have her for kindergarten too!
 The last station was ice cream sundaes. Yum!!
 My sweet girl on the first day of school - not nervous or scared in the least! I was in much worse shape than she was!
 And on the last day of kindergarten!

Allisyn's 2nd Birthday

I finally got the pictures from my mom's camera from Allisyn's 2nd birthday back in March so here is the post I promised.
Usually I started the girls' birthday parties in the afternoon - you know, so they can get a good nap and be in a good mood. Well, it never turns out that way and they get cranky during their parties. So I thought I would have Allisyn's at 10 in the morning so she would have a better time. Same result. And I got no smiles for pictures! But, I did like having it earlier in the day.
 I don't really know what was going on here - she was probably trying to stick her finger in the cake like she ALWAYS does!
 There she got her finger in there :)
 She is definetly a Grampa girl!
 It ended up being pretty cool out that morning and the wind was blowing like crazy! They had a good idea to sit out in the sun. That is where she ended up opening her presents too. Of course Carrie and Jennifer turned right at the last second ;)
 Very fascinated with the baby!

 This was her favorite present. Ariel, the mermaid, sings songs.
 She sat like this for a solid 5 minutes at least listening to her sing and singing with her!
 Aubree and my dad
 Even on the swing, I got no smiles :(
 We had leftover cake so we did it again after supper. This time she could blow out her candle! It was so windy at the park, we skipped it.

 Dad swinging with Aubree.

 I am so far behind on updates from vacation and the end of school, there will be many more posts to come!