Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I started to write this on the last post, but then it started getting kinda long, so I decded to put it on it's own!
Helen did so well in school this year, but we knew she would. This was actually her third year of school. She went to the three and the four year old program at Georgia Christian School and she did very well there as well. It was just very different this year. The ONLY reason she went through the three year old program was because every time we passed the school, she would ask "There's my school! When can I go to school?" (This being when she was 2 years old!) The school is right acrss the street from our church, so we passed it quite often! We knew the teacher Ms. Lori - she is awesome as well. She went from 8:00 - 12:00 every day. She did great - never once cried when we dropped her off or anything like that. But her very first day she went, I made up my mind that none of my other kids would be going to K3. I missed her like crazy! She was ready, but I definetly wasn't. And Aubree never showed the desire until the end of this year to go to school. In fact, when Helen started this year, Aubree woke up one night saying she had a bad dream. We asked what it was and she said she had to get on the school bus and go to school. We were kinda worried! But now she is excited to go to preschool in the fall at the same school as Helen.
But like I said, this year was very different. Georgia Christian is a private christian school, Lake Park is public. We live on the GCS property, so when I thought about her being at school, I would think "Oh, she's just right there." Then remind myself, no she isn't. And she rides the bus, which she loves! For awhile if you asked her what her favorite thing about school was, she would say the bus! Of course at GCS, we know the teachers and we know their beliefs and all that so that was a change too. GCS is a K-12 school with about 250 students, so there is pretty much one class per grade. Helen has good friends she goes to church with and went through two years of school with. I do miss that - knowing the students and their parents.And of course they don't have chapel at Lake Park. But Lake Park is one of the best elementary schools in Georgia and we love it!
We have been very blessed with her teachers so far, hopefully that blessing will continue and with the other girls as well!

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