Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Allisyn's 2nd Birthday

I finally got the pictures from my mom's camera from Allisyn's 2nd birthday back in March so here is the post I promised.
Usually I started the girls' birthday parties in the afternoon - you know, so they can get a good nap and be in a good mood. Well, it never turns out that way and they get cranky during their parties. So I thought I would have Allisyn's at 10 in the morning so she would have a better time. Same result. And I got no smiles for pictures! But, I did like having it earlier in the day.
 I don't really know what was going on here - she was probably trying to stick her finger in the cake like she ALWAYS does!
 There she got her finger in there :)
 She is definetly a Grampa girl!
 It ended up being pretty cool out that morning and the wind was blowing like crazy! They had a good idea to sit out in the sun. That is where she ended up opening her presents too. Of course Carrie and Jennifer turned right at the last second ;)
 Very fascinated with the baby!

 This was her favorite present. Ariel, the mermaid, sings songs.
 She sat like this for a solid 5 minutes at least listening to her sing and singing with her!
 Aubree and my dad
 Even on the swing, I got no smiles :(
 We had leftover cake so we did it again after supper. This time she could blow out her candle! It was so windy at the park, we skipped it.

 Dad swinging with Aubree.

 I am so far behind on updates from vacation and the end of school, there will be many more posts to come!

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