Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Questions for Helen

Age: 5 1/2
Favorite food: Spaghetti
Favorite dessert: doughnuts
Favorite color: purple
Favorite thing to do: Girl Scouts
Favorite TV show: Good Luck Charlie
Favorite movie: Dolphin Tale
Favorite thing to do at school: write
Best friend: Emma Jean Olbricht
Favorite place to go: Kayden's house
Favorite outfit: Black sweater dress with black tights

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Best Day!

Since I need some cheering up tonight and Chris isn't home, I'm going to write about the day I had on Tuesday. :)
Helen's back has been hurting and she went to the school nurse on Monday. The nurse said she didn't know what was wrong but if it was still hurting Tuesday, to take her in. Helen woke up Tuesday morning and said it was still hurting so I went ahead and made an appointment with her doctor for 9:30. She had to go to the bathroom as soon as we got there. The dr checked everything and said she thinks it might be a urinary tract infection and she needed a urine sample. Of course. So we waited and waited. Helen drank and drank. And we waited and waited. Finally, Helen made a mad dash to the bathroom. Dr. tested it and said she has the VERY beginning of a UTI and sent a perscription to the pahrmacy. By now it was after 11. Her class goes to lunch at 10:45. Chris's sister April works at Pizza Hut right across the street from the dr office so we went there for lunch. We finished up there and went to pick up her medicine. The woman took forever then said they just got it and it would be 35 minutes. So now it is 12:15 and I decided Helen wasn't going to make it to school. By the time she would have gotten there, there would only be an hour or two left anyway so we went to Wal-Mart to get some stuff we needed. We stalled there for awhile, we were meeting someone at the mall at 3:30 and I didn't want to go all the way home to go all the way back so we headed to the mall and sat there for about an hour and a half so the girls could get a nap in.
We are having a Father/Daughter Banquet at the church this Saturday and one of the ladies graciously offered to buy the girls new dresses for it. So we met her at 3:30 at the mall and the girls were SO excited!!Helen espically. When we got in there, she went crazy! Within 5 minutes I think, my hands were full of dresses for them to try on! Aubree and Allisyn loved the first one they tried on and Helen like the very last one she tried on. They are all three beautiful dresses! When Helen was trying on dresses, she said "This is the most fun I have ever had!" They were having a ball!
After the mall, we met up with Chris for supper then headed home. I had no intention of staying out all day, by myself with all three girls, but that is how it happened and I had so much fun! They were so good and it was actually easy! We were gone from 9:15 that morning until 6:30 that night. needless to say I was completely exhausted!!

Number 4!!!

Back in at the beginning of December I had some suspicions. Every now and then I would have a flash of nasuea, I was very exhausted all the time and I was extremely stressed out about EVERYTHING - even tiny things I had no control over. (And I don't usually get stressed too easily). I took a test and it was negative. About a week before Christmas, I was very upset about everything. I was having a melt down and Chris was patiently hearing me out. Then he asked me if I was finished and I told him yes. He said "I want you to take a pregnancy test." Haha. Told you - I'm not usually highstrung. So I took another test and it came out negative again. Still too early.But by the fourth pregnancy, you just kinda know.

The day after Christmas, Chris told me to go ahead and take another test. Well, finally, it came out positive!! We decided we weren't going to tell anybody until I had been to the dr. It was pretty hard keeping the secret though, espically around the holidays. When we got back from our New Year's trip to my parents and Chris's family in Andalusia, I set up an appointment. By the time I had my appointment, I was 9 weeks.

I had found some cute ideas for announcing pregnancy on pintrest and I thought it would be fun to make the girls shirts and send pictures to all the family. I thought it would be a fun, different way to break the news, I was wrong. It didn't get the reaction I expected from the family. They didn't like it. Oh well, I had fun with it.Originally, I wanted to have the shirts and pictures ready to send as soon as I had my appointment,but I had been feeling SO bad, I didn't have the energy or will to get them done ahead of time. Eventually I finally got them done and got some cute pictures!

This is the worst I have felt with all of my pregnancies - the exhaustion, the nausea, I just feel awful most of the time. I have found that if I go to bed around 8 or 9, the next day isn't as bad as when I go to bed later. So I try to get to bed on time, lol. Chris has been absolutely amazing (but there is no surprise there!) He has been very understanding and patient. There have been some days when he gets home from work, I go to bed and he handles supper, girls, baths, pajamas and bed time like a pro. I'm 12 weeks tomorrow so maybe this yuckiness will go away soon!!

We are very excited and yes, it was planned. That is most people's first question. The next is "Are you wanting a boy?" Yes, we would like a boy, but would be just as happy with another girl! At least we know what to do with girls, haha!! The girls are SO excited, Helen asks me all the time how the baby is. Aubree says she wants every baby she sees. Still trying to get her to understand we are having our own baby! :) Allisyn pats by belly and says "baby!"

Here are some pictures from the photo shoot!