Tuesday, June 12, 2012

End of Kindergarten...Sniff, Sniff!

Here is the end of kindergarten. This year went way too fast!
Helen got to have a pretend birthday party at school since her birthday is not during the school year. So I made cupcakes and brought them up for her to share with her class.
Her awesome teacher, Ms. Corbett
The next day was water day for kindergarten. While I was getting ready to go, Aubree and Allisyn were eating lunch. This is what I came out to. They took their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and rubbed them all over their faces! I was pretty mad. I was running late already and now they made a huge mess to clean up and it required a change of clothes. They were so happy with themselvesthough, I wasn't mad for long and of course, ran to get my camera.
Look at these little buggers - so pleased with themselves!
Eventually I made it and surprised Helen (I told her I didn't know if I was going to be able to go). They had different stations set up for different classes. This one had 7 or 8 pool.
The next was the hose from the fire truck.
 A station with shaving cream which she LOVED! She was the last one there! The others moved on to the bubbles.
 Helen and her "boyfriend" Ben and another boy from her class.
 Her pal from Georgia Christian, Maggie Jo
 Can you see the hand holding going on here?!!? I asked her why it was behind her back and she said so no one would see!
 The three girls who fought over him all day!
 Helen and her awesome teacher, Ms. Corbett. She adores Helen and we love Ms. Corbett! I hope the rest of my girls have her for kindergarten too!
 The last station was ice cream sundaes. Yum!!
 My sweet girl on the first day of school - not nervous or scared in the least! I was in much worse shape than she was!
 And on the last day of kindergarten!

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